About art……

I mostly hated school, did little more than get by. Some things I did well, like talking and writing, but I  shied away from anything that seemed hard, like math  and the sciences. I liked to make stuff (still do). So……off to art school! One problem, I couldn’t draw! But, I wanted to make things, and two early  encounters  started me on my way, abstract expressionism  and a goat.

I volunteered for the gallery crew  my first quarter of school, patching and painting the walls in the exhibit space and getting to know the younger faculty. Then it was time to unpack a traveling show of abstract expressionist art from New York, suddenly, there it was, an angora goat on a rolling platform with a tire around it’s middle.  When the show opened the gallery was filled with people squinting at the art and asking “but what does it mean?”

Robert Rauchenberg's Monogram

And wow!  There I was, a kid from Akron Ohio who couldn’t draw and liked to make things. Instant validation!

more later. -Dennis


One Response to “About art……”

  1. majeanne Says:

    It has taken me a long time to see art like this – but suddenly this one seems to validate my own mess of a self, all pieced together as it happens, it’s not about making sense.

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