Art is


A great deal has been written beginning with those two short words.

For me  those words are sufficient unto themselves. ART IS. Save the rest for conversation involving strong drink.

I imagine the painters in the caves at Lascaux, scribbling at the cave walls by wavering torchlight, becoming so excited that they begin barking, ART! ART! ART! in furious amazement. Art is.

Posted by Dennis


2 Responses to “Art is”

  1. majeanne Says:

    Art is . . . but is it?
    Or is everything patterned and beautiful, and speaks to us? Barking Art, is that just a way to say, I really like this?

  2. cadogblog Says:

    I agree. The bark is the response. However………..
    ……in the depths of Lascaux another bark was heard. ART? ART?! And the debate was on.

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