A week and a half ago, I was headed through the kitchen to clean up the puddle of cat pee that is my daily cross to bear, since I have the company of 7 indoor cats, and each day at least one of them is fomenting a private grudge in his hairy little brain.  This particular morning, I slipped in the puddle and went down like a stone, my left leg bent under in a way that legs were never meant to bend.  It looked like the number 7…7 cats..kismet.

It hurt like billy-o and I have been for the most part unable to walk on it without crutches and then only very slowly and deliberately.  This infuriates me since I dislike sitting still and always have an active plan mapped out for each day, the only time I am still is when sitting cross-legged on my bed, drawing something that decides what it’s going to be as it comes writhing from the pen.

After the third day of bed-ridden and pain-pill induced zombiehood, I decided that this could not continue and I must trade my lower left leg for a baby dragon who would get me back on our feet and get us moving at the speed to which I am accustomed.  I  contacted my friend Rosa, a dragon elder and a gal with some clout in the fire lizard community, and  pleaded with her to find a likely volunteer.  Rosa is a lovely lady, with skin the color of a constantly moving rainbow and the scent of licorice.  she is a trifle difficult to communicate with since her speech sounds like a 1940’s typewriter, but I have managed over the years to find a language balance.  She is a fine mimic and can speak english if she chooses, most of the time she doesn’t, but you should hear her do her Sarah Palin imitation.  It amuses us all, but Rosa the most, and she ends each standup routine with a sound that resembles nothing so much as a herd of rampaging turkeys…but i digress.

Rosa asked around the various nurseries and came up with Skosh, who is about 3 in human years and full of energy  which delights me since i can now move around at close to the speed of light.  he is also a shape-shifter and can resemble my leg if need be, but requires a lot of wheedling and bribing to do it.  occasionally  he gets bored with being a leg and changes into a combination super-shooter and a roll of handi-wrap.  Kids.  He is a relative of Rosa’s so he also smells like candy…Walnettos…and I just tell eveyone i’m wearing cheap cologne.  i’m an  artist.  I can do this.

I highly recommend this form of perambulation to anyone who is having temporary difficulty getting around, it’s a helluva lot more fun than a hoveround, but  then you don’t have to stay awake half the night telling bedtime stories about roasting knights to a hoveround.  It’s fun, sure, but he thinks the stories I tell him are hugely funny and laughs until clinkers come out his nose, and it gets a little messy.  No, for those of you who might be curious, not fire breathing.  no one, but NO ONE, breathes fire out of season.  It quite simply isn’t done.  Dragons have impeccable manners.

He keeps the cats in line, too.  A well-placed clinker or two from Skosh,and there hasn’t been a rogue puddle since he came to live with us.  think I’ll keep him around for awhile.

Posted by Susan

See more drawings by Susan Owen and Dennis Kish at Galerie Yggdrasil Our Etsy store


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2 Responses to “Dragonleg”

  1. Jeanne Desy Says:

    Great picture. I’d title it “I’m not handicapped.”

  2. susan owen Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA great title!! no, between the two of us we are getting around pretty well. he does tend to get distracted once in awhile but that only leads to great adventures. i’m going to have to write some stories about roasting knights since i’m running out of the old ones. he does love his fairy tales.

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