The university I attended acquired a computer during the first year I was there. A gigantic thing, taking up most of a floor in the administration building, the memory was stored on paper cards with holes punched in them. We students viewed the whole idea with deep suspicion. The idea that a computer could have any part in “THE CREATIVE PROCESS” would have been utterly dismissed, article of faith and all that.  And really, as long as the beasts were the size of small houses, or later filled a large room, and more recently had hard drives the size of manhole covers (I wonder about the origin of the term computer crash) I can understand the sentiment. People who actually used the computers were almost as rare as organists, and for the same reasons, both were big, expensive and definitely not portable, if computers  had remained large and cumbersome we might now be attending weekly sessions at oracular computer temples. As for the notion that computers could never be part of the creative process, when my printer is producing a print, I hear it whispering artartartartartart thunk artartartartart………..Posted by Dennis.


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2 Responses to “Computers……”

  1. Jeanne Desy Says:

    Ask it if there’s a God.

  2. cadogblog Says:

    Saith the computer “if god does not exist i shall have to invent her”

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