The Alkahest….

Alkahest the much sought after universal solvent, I’m beginning to  think that binary code might be the closest thing so far.

Digital scanning can now can reproduce everything we see and hear by first transforming (dissolving) it into ones and zeroes. Once dissolved this code can be manipulated by “alkahesticians” and  transformed into anything we imagine. Here is my most recent “alkahestic” work.

See more work by Susan and Dennis at Galerie Yggdrasil  our Etsy store


– posted by Dennis


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2 Responses to “The Alkahest….”

  1. Jeanne Desy Says:

    There is something very Buddhist about the idea, things broken down into their parts and combined in a new pattern. Or is that physics?

    • cadogblog Says:

      Buddha is probably older than physics,I give him credit. Actually, if you think about it, the act of reducing and recombining occurs fairly often in our experience,bread for example. Pound seeds into paste or flour add water, get disgusted and throw it in the fire. Actually no fire yet perhaps, so throw it away, then find later after its dried. If you were hungry you might decide to try again.

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