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The Gift of Glib

May 30, 2010

Mask#9 is one of a series based on a single photo.  This print tries to convey the smooth superficiality of today’s public faces. Who or what are they? I can’t quite make out, they might be…then again…. look away, look back. Everything changes.

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Alkahest revisited………

May 22, 2010

Alkahest. The universal solvent, perhaps it’s really oil, and will dissolve us all.

Here is Mask#37, Deepwater Horizon

Spill baby…………………Spill.  -Posted by Dennis

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Racy dragon….

May 18, 2010

Oh, spare me.

I twisted my knee again, setting me back a week or so, so skosh has had to do leg duty more than he would wish and there has been a lot of low-level muttering, which coming from skosh sounds like an old royal typewriter clattering away in James Thurber’s study.

We did, however, watch the Monaco Grand Prix recently and skosh was rapt. he watched with a minimum of muttering and only then in mumblings of respect and awe. no fussing, wiggling, tail-whipping or squeakings for his gamedragon. He had found his life’s ambition: skosh, the formula one champion race driver. I thought I heard him refer to Michael Schumacher as “Lili Marlene on a tricycle” and allege that he could take Louis Hamilton ‘two clinkers out of three.” Arrogant and self absorbed already, and not even on the track yet…hmmm. He certainly has the beginner’s attitude.

Since it has become clear that my knee may need extensive healing time, and he will be with me for awhile, skosh has gone from calling me “too-dawntktktktk” to mumstktktk.” we have bonded and I shall be sorry to see him go…so sorry, in fact, that I may approach rosa about making him a permanent member of my household. she has informed me that the new egglings have hatched and they are an unruly and disobedient lot, and she has her hands full even with the help of the older hatchlings that are hired on at the nests as ‘candyscalers’ to care for the toddlers. I imagine she will be relieved to have one less little beast (no pun) to deal with.

For the last two weeks, skosh has been clinging to my left leg (a good thing, as it turns out, since that is what he was hired to do) begging, wheedling, making impossible promises of exemplary behavior, and weeping copious dragon tears which I am saving in a pretty dish since they are not tears in the accepted sense but rather crystals, cut in the 1920’s french manner. Very pretty indeed. But i digress. skosh wants a formula one car. now. this minute. “FLEEEEEEEEZZZtktktktk!!! MUMSFLEEEEEZEtktktk!!” Hard to resist, especially since it never ceases. tktktktk in my ear, along with rather toasty dragon breath, at 3 a.m. gah.

We found a model of a McLaren formula 1 car that we put together for him and gave him little decals just like the big guys and found a helmet his size and surprised him with all of the goodies we had gotten. We won’t be doing that on a regular basis as the sounds of dragonly delight rattled the furniture and shattered a front window. Since then we have had little peace but I must admit it is funny to watch, and to hear him make engine sounds, as he is not only a shape shifter but an excellent mimic. Luckily, the sound of a formula one engine is one of the few things that sends me into a deep, restful slumber. It works out for all of us and it warms me to see him so happy. A little unnerving when he flies across the ceiling in his McLaren, but one becomes inured. One has to. When you love someone, you will put up with a lot, and we LOOOOVEZ HIM,tktktktktk. – Posted by Susan

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Bloody Oil

May 6, 2010

From the digital blender emerges Mask#25, Bloody Oil.

Is it possible that some of humanity’s most prized attributes,  our curiosity, our willingness to dare, to experiment, traits that many argue   contribute to our success as a species, are contributing to the seemingly reckless adventurism that characterize some of our recent energy extraction projects?

I’m surprised by the apparent lack of contingency planning for the Horizon project, it seems once again that “no one could have imagined”….. It makes me think of a group of kids wearing towel capes, standing on a roof, each one thinking “if I jump I’ll be able to fly, just like Superman!”!

This is another tragic byproduct  of our  addiction to oil, and I wonder when we humans will tire of periodically waking up in our own vomit.  Posted by Dennis

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Coffee dragon.

May 4, 2010

It seems that my scaly little diva is having a pout moment.  or day.  or week. I merely mentioned to skosh, in an offhand  manner, that he would probably return to the nest as soon as my leg tendons healed and I could walk safely unaided by a shapeshifter leg.  he got a thoughtful, somewhat glazed look on his..umm…face? and flew off my leg and under the coffee table.  It seems that he was thinking  with alarm  that he would have to give up his cushy lifestyle, from being the Only Dragon in the house to being only one of many, all different ages and sizes and somewhat crowded into the nest, jostling for sleeping room.  Here, he has his own cushion, can have almost anything he wants to eat without parental interference (he is particularly partial to raw chicken livers and strawberry gravy), and of course there are his beloved ipod shuffle and  gamedragon to consider.

He fears the new hatchlings would either eat them or turn them into weapons for mock knight-fighting. So.  Under the coffee table to protest his imminent departure from his haven.  He much prefers to stay with us, and is not reticent in letting us know that returning to the crowded, noisy nest does not meet with his approval. this is not a new thing, at one point in our lives I am sure we have all hidden under one table or another.  However, as a general rule, we do not become PART of said table.  Being a shapeshifter however, it was second nature to skosh and he did indeed become half dragon, half table and left enough of his claws out to seize the legs tightly so we couldn’t shift him.

This was about three days ago and I have had to bring him his strawberries under the table….as well as his gamedragon and his…well.  you understand.  My pitiful limping and whimpering pleas for him to come out and help me have had no effect.  I am not  so cruel as to refuse him sustenance until he has to come out and shift back to open the fridge, therefore it seems I have a coffee dragon until he chooses to listen to reason.  I fear that nothing but  a promise of permanent adoption will bring things back to whatever passes for normal in our home.

At the very least he will not lack for reading matter….I have an endless supply of coffee table books.

Posted by Susan

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