Bloody Oil

From the digital blender emerges Mask#25, Bloody Oil.

Is it possible that some of humanity’s most prized attributes,  our curiosity, our willingness to dare, to experiment, traits that many argue   contribute to our success as a species, are contributing to the seemingly reckless adventurism that characterize some of our recent energy extraction projects?

I’m surprised by the apparent lack of contingency planning for the Horizon project, it seems once again that “no one could have imagined”….. It makes me think of a group of kids wearing towel capes, standing on a roof, each one thinking “if I jump I’ll be able to fly, just like Superman!”!

This is another tragic byproduct  of our  addiction to oil, and I wonder when we humans will tire of periodically waking up in our own vomit.  Posted by Dennis

See more prints by Dennis and Susan at Galerie Yggdrasil


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