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On approaching work…..

June 28, 2010

Sredni Vashtar speaks.

I realize that I have written about approaching one’s work on another occasion . Take heed, I have more to impart. First there must be contemplation, no, vision. If one has no vision how can one contemplate anything, except supper, how can one not contemplate supper?, I digress. Vision, yes one must have a vision.

One must then I suppose, contemplate the vision. One must be careful however, to keep one’s visions separate lest the Taj Mahal begin to resemble a plate of tuna! Yum!  Ahem, mind your visions lest you get what you wish for. Yes…contemplation.

Lastly one has the obligation to stand back and take a critical view, ask oneself “is that really a fin on the Taj Mahal?” Stand back, say across the street from ones work. Wait! Does one see one’s nemisis? Slithy Norman the neighbor cat? One will get thee NORMAN!!!

Posted by Dennis

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The mask series…..

June 25, 2010

I’ve written about how I use a photo as raw material in my work, but never showed an image that I use as a departure. Here is an image that I use frequently, followed by two prints derived from that basic material
This image was turned into Mask#48
And from Mask #48 developed into Mask#49

As to the question of process, I throw everything into it, push the  filters into distortion, crash the computer, induce feedback and color harmonics, and then subtract everything I don’t like. No scraping the canvas, no waiting for something to dry. No cleaning brushes and removing paint from the floor, walls, my hair and clothes. I get enough stimulation from some of my other work.

Posted by Dennis

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A cautionary tale…..

June 18, 2010

From the annals of flight comes the tale of Cadman in  Shrewsbury,

a  town made famous in recent years as the home of the Benedictine detective Cadfael.

This plaque is attached to the front of St. Mary’s church in Shrewsbury.

Yes indeed, if The Imaginary Friend had wanted us to fly It would have provided us with wings.

Posted by Dennis

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The hairy tapestry sprouts feathers…..

June 14, 2010

We  host barn swallows each year at the hairy tapestry.They arrive in late March and immediately start scouting real estate, at our house the old nests were deemed too old this year so one enterprising couple decided  to relocate to the right of our front door. After weeks of furious activity the kids made their appearance. “It’s a hang glider! a plane! a pterodactyl! No! It’s mom with a bug!”

Every family has at least one pessimist

” ??, sigh, minemineminemine! Mommurph!”

Posted by Dennis.  See drawings and prints by Susan and Dennis at Galerie Yggdrasil

The Invalid…..

June 9, 2010

Skosh has a cold.

Now, I live with one foot in another world, I always have, so nothing should surprise me, but the fact that he was enjoying this ailment had me mystified. At first, it began as any cold does, a little cough here, a complaint of a sore throat there, the odd sneeze which was fraught with peril since a sneeze from a dragon can be accompanied by a clinker or two, not large but large enough to be a slight fire hazard.

He dragged around the house, whining and complaining, and nothing would soothe him. playdragon? no. ipod shuffle? no!! fttttktktktktk! since I needed him well and happy if I were to manage work and errands without twisting my knee, I set about trying to find a remedy that would work for a baby dragon. After many useless attempts at finding a cure, I put him to bed with vicks on his…chest? and a big warm comforter.

After a few days of sniveling and complaining in various forms of sound, he settled in and began to seem to enjoy his hapless state. I heard humming and typing and something that sounded like the Dropkick Murphys accompanied by a trio of dancing dustbin lids followed by loud and irregular snoring. This went on for some days and any attempts to announce that he was indeed much improved and didn’t he want to get up and around for awhile, a little raw chicken liver and strawberry gravy soup, perhaps? were met with stout denial and volleys of sneezing that set me to leaping around with a fire extinguisher. we did go through a few comforters in this fashion. One morning, after having to listen to an hour of earsplitting ‘Green Day’, I strode into his room with the intention of dragging him out of bed, throwing him in a hot shower, and taking him to Rosa’s dragon doc.

I found him in the process of downing an entire bottle of Nyquil.

Now, I don’t buy Nyquil. When I have a cold, I tend to use herbal remedies and while I am sure Iyquil performs the task it claims to perform, and it is indeed a lovely color, it simply isn’t to my taste, so where he came by this bottle I have no idea. As I said, I should not be surprised, but this had me flummoxed. Clearly it was not the first bottle he had consumed and when I looked under his bed I found 27 empties and half a case as yet untouched.

He was too flattened by his excess to do more than giggle self-consciously as I whisked away the evidence and escorted the remaining full bottles to the trash. There was clearly no point in remonstration since he responded to my outrage by making a sound like a breeze through the treetops, intended I suppose to soothe me. My only option was to lock him in and let him sleep it off, which is what he is in the process of doing as I write. I hope he is able to perform his shapeshifting duties as my left calf tomorrow since I have a full workday…but I fear I shall be the victim of the occasional moment of clog dancing, flatfoot, or Irish step-dancing as the mood hits him. I hope my clients tomorrow are eccentric, or Wiccan, or both.

I’m too damned old for this. – Posted by Susan

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Mask#46. Couette de Normandie

June 8, 2010

This geometric abstract print is based on a photograph taken in a dark old church with high windows about noon on a bright summer day in Normandy. -posted by Dennis

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Oily Beasts…….

June 3, 2010

The title of this Organic abstract, #44  in the mask series, refers to the beasts that are being oiled in the gulf, and the “beasts” whose lack of foresight is responsible for this disaster. To these latter beasts I raise the fickle finger of fate.

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