On approaching work…..

Sredni Vashtar speaks.

I realize that I have written about approaching one’s work on another occasion . Take heed, I have more to impart. First there must be contemplation, no, vision. If one has no vision how can one contemplate anything, except supper, how can one not contemplate supper?, I digress. Vision, yes one must have a vision.

One must then I suppose, contemplate the vision. One must be careful however, to keep one’s visions separate lest the Taj Mahal begin to resemble a plate of tuna! Yum!  Ahem, mind your visions lest you get what you wish for. Yes…contemplation.

Lastly one has the obligation to stand back and take a critical view, ask oneself “is that really a fin on the Taj Mahal?” Stand back, say across the street from ones work. Wait! Does one see one’s nemisis? Slithy Norman the neighbor cat? One will get thee NORMAN!!!

Posted by Dennis

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One Response to “On approaching work…..”

  1. Jeanne Desy Says:

    I love it.

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