The Liar’s Opera (Mask # 36)…….

The reason for scant posting recently is that we are involved in what I have come to call The Liar’s Opera.
Imagine if you will a musical drama……..

Libretto by Hunter S. Thompson. The score is a collaboration by Arnold Schoenberg, Steven Sondheim, and the Rolling Stones.
Dramatis personae: The tenant, the tenant’s daughter, a band of tweakers, (the chorus).
The property manager, the property owner, whose  role is performed by a mime, because she is speechless.
Posted by Dennis.
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One Response to “The Liar’s Opera (Mask # 36)…….”

  1. susan owen Says:

    my role must needs be performed by a mime, not because i am speechless, but rather because the commentary that issues from my mouth can only be truly translated in all its full richness by the use of parseltongue.

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