The Heathers……

Heather Pinfeather Sr. Drawing by Susan Owen

My grocery bills have become unusually hefty.

Since Skosh and Heather have become an item, young Heather has been spending more and more time at our house.  we go on little camping trips (with a special sleeping nest for Heather), we go on shopping forays and Heather and Skosh have taken an interest in airgolf, good exercise for the slightly hefty Heather, provided all homework is NEATLY done, kids, NEATLY!  no singe marks or seed stains.  Heather does tend to pack in the groceries more than is absolutely necessary for a chick her size.

The reason for this new part-time addition to my household is Heather’s mother, Heather Pinfeather sr., who shows little interest in her daughter and seems perfectly content to leave her to me.  Ms. Pinfeather is the CEO  of the powerful Feathco., inc, a company that seems to have a claw in many different smaller companies, everything from software production specializing in computer gaming to a recent hostile takeover of the snack giant, Little Webbie’s, which specializes in high calorie seed and bugcakes aimed at the young avian population.

Due to the demands of her work and her particular cold-blooded nature, Heather sr. has given young Heathie all she could wish as far as the best of everything that can be purchased, but her home, sumptuous as it may be, is a chilly and lonely place.  Heathie spends most of her time there alone and her mother, when she is at home, has little to do with her daughter, referring to her as “that terrible disappointment of mine”.  Great wealth, and the accumulation of it, seems to occupy all of heather sr.’s time, and  thus I have inherited her child, to the great delight of both kids.

I hope sr. never regrets leaving the raising of her chick to whomever would take on the task, but at this point in time I am delighted to provide the young lady with the opportunity to have company, kindness, warmth and food, food, food.  yes….the grocery bills….I may have to take on a second job… that will at the very least provide for the purchase of a small-sized exercise machine.  With the affection and companionship areas of  Heathie’s life taken care of, we must now concentrate on the excess poundage.  Her flight skills are still a little dicey.  You have to watch those teenage chicks every minute.

Posted by Susan

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