Do we have to call security?……..

This is Redneck  the Hummer, who is, for lack of a better term, sheriff of Hairy Tapestry.  He rules with an iron wing and brooks no backtalk.  Redneck, or Neckers, as he is referred to by those in the know, is on patrol 24/7 and woe betide anyone who steps out of line.  At the first breach of justice, the whirr of mighty wings can be heard on the wind and the fate of the evildoer is swift and merciless.

Neckers has been studying the dialect of broad Yorkshire because he thinks it makes him sound fearsome.  When this photo was taken he was regarding us with deep suspicion and growled ” Gerraway by, ‘ee bloody ratbags, or ah’ll stomp ‘ee til ‘ee’r fit fer naught but the knacker’s..aye, that ah will.”  nobody crosses the Necker Man.

Posted by Susan who is reading The Red Riding Quartet by David Peace Photos by Dennis.  See strange art at  Galerie Yggdrasil


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