Oh dear, oh my…..

After weeks of mapping and plotting. packing  and double and triple checking, the boys finally took leave of us to spend their week in the wilds…Men of the wilderness, taming the earth, bending the world to their will.  I was about to breathe a sigh of relief and put my feet up, when there came a tapping at the door.

Actually, a pecking.  a pecking at the door….a tiny, insistent pecking….

I wound my weary way to the door, expecting perhaps a girl scout selling cookies, I hoped, since I love girl scout cookies. But no…..it was the Rednecker family.  Nilda, ‘Neckers’ mom, Nita, his younger sister, and Neil.  his..um…brother.

It seems that Neckers, in his zest to become a mountain man, had neglected to inform his mother that he planned to accompany Skosh on his trek, and I was being questioned as to where he was and how had I managed to allow him to leave my home without calling his mother to make sure he was allowed to leave on this retreat, which he surely would not have been had his mother known of it since she was sure that Skosh was not an appropriate companion and how could I allow such a thing to happen, at which point Neil, (who is convinced that he is a rooster), commenced to crowing loud and long to announce the dawn…which had occured about three or four hours previously.  Nita, who uses her brother’s announcements as a reason to open her music player and turn up the sound to a deafening level,   gave us at that point a delightful rendition of “Shake your tail feathers baby”.

Mrs.Redneckers and I had a cup of tea and discussed the ramifications of our sons trip into the wilds.   I was hard pressed to ease her doubts as to how her son might  survive in the company of a “firebreathing shapeshifter when he is just a tiny hummingbird”, but I slogged on expressing my love for her son and the fact that I had made sure they had all they needed, (leaving out the fermented nectar part), and assuring her that  Neckers had taken his Birdble and was studying the Wird of the Bird every evening before bed.

Nita, during the entire time, rolled her eyes and said, sotto voce so as not to attract her mother’s ire, things like “ewwww’ and “omg, so NOT COOL”  but beyond that she just flounced and wished she were anywhere other than where she was.  Neil, on the other hand, saved my bacon by  crowing loudly at many an inappropriate…or for me…appropriate,,,, moment.

Suffice it to say, we escaped with few if any problems, but I wouldn’t want to be Neckers when he gets home at last.I shall have a few choice words for him that do not exist in his Birdble.  or any other book of religious bent.

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