Who took the picture?……….

I guess I should have asked who took the fishing photo.  or…perhaps not.

I had kind of wondered who took the picture of the boys fishing but got busy after they returned from their long weekend and the question just went out of my mind until this morning, after a few secretive mumbling ‘tktktkhehehehTOK tk’ conversations Skosh had on his new cell, and a flurry of Heatherish giggles and peeps from Skosh’s room during said convos.  Things have been a little off kilter since Skosh and ‘neckers came back from the camping expedition and I decided it was time to find out just exactly what had occurred.  Not that I don’t trust them, mind you, but there have been a few…ah…incidents and I feel that I should be as fully informed as possible.  Provided that being even remotely informed is possible at all….

Around noon Skosh and his joined-at the-umm…hip? retinue came straggling into the kitchen looking for A Little Something to keep bodies and souls together, so I took the opportunity to pose the question.


“Mmtk.  Nectar’s on the top shelf where it ALWAYS is, ‘neck, jeest…Heathie, here’s yer seeds…Mmtktkmom?”

“Skosh, I’ve been meaning to ask you…Since you and neck were both in the photo you took on your fishing trip, who took the photo? Did you run into a ranger?”

Sudden flurry of activity around the fridge, glazed eyes, and heightened cacophony from earbuds.

” SKOSH TURN THAT DOWN who was it?”

“Mmtktkmmermwhsssssssssh”  uh oh.  Whsssh…the antebellum magnolia breeze sound.  Never a good sign.

“Skoshie, I won’t be mad, why would I be mad??  should i be mad??!!  Skosh?”

“Erumum. Wellltktktk, we kinda sorta ran into these erumum.”

Was I ever going to wrest any information from this recalcitrant lizard?

“Skosh.  do I have to ask ‘neckers?  or his mother??”

“Oh tktktk mom I was um gonna tell you ’cause we um.  we um.  they are new friends could I ask them over to hang sometime huh mom huhtkTOKTOKTOKWHSSSSSSHHHH???”

At last.  But why, I wondered, the nervous tktking?  Well of course, I told him, I loved the idea of him having new friends and he was more than welcome to have them over any time he wanted,  should I fix some tuna salad, or weenie wraps, or (gak) the bologna and american cheese sandwiches that were Skosh’s favorites?

Ermtk.  Thanksmomtktkt but they’re vegans.

Vegans.  this is a GOOD  thing, so why the nerves, still?  Upon further probing, I discovered that the boys had been fishing and were having no luck catching anything, especially ‘neckers who was using fuchsia blossoms for bait instead of trout flies.  While they were casting dejectedly, four youngsters who were camping up the river came wandering by and asked if they could help.  The boys were intrigued and they all introduced themselves and the newcomers knelt by the river and began whispering to it in a language the boys didn’t recognize.

After a moment or two of this, one of the new guys stood up and said that the trout would be willing to pose in the creel for a photo provided they were given some river water to hang out in and a handful of bugs and flies for a nosh while they were in the creel since as everyone knows, posing is hungry work.  Another trout said that he would be happy to leap into the air with the line in his mouth as the photo was being taken, for the same fee.

Any one of us would probably have had a fistful of questions but for Skosh, a dragon, and ‘neckers, a hummingbird, it all seemed perfectly reasonable and so the bargain was struck. One of the trout whisperers took the photo, and the group of young um, people(?) bonded over a small snack.

It seems that the four vegans have a little glitch that made Skosh reluctant to tell me about them, and after their time at the river they had exchanged names and cell numbers and had been meeting at the supermarket in the mall ever since.

Skosh’s new friends, Johnathon, Mina, and the twins…Tad and Vlad…are vegan vampires.  ahh.  now it all comes clear.  Vampires?  I live with a shapeshifting dragon, a little black chick, and a hummingbird most of the time.  Vampires?  why should I balk at a few babyvamps, I ask you?  hey…a walk in the park. *sigh*  wait, though….vegans?

a few more questions, and I discovered that the vamps liked to hang out in the largest and most thorough produce aisles they could find in the local supermarkets and strike fear into the hearts of their favorite prey….the beefsteak tomato.  Not that any vegetable at all was safe from their not so tender attentions, but the hapless tomato is their primary target.  Skosh warmed to his tale and told me that the babyvamps were friends of all animals and birds and were multilingual (momtktktthey;re reeeeeelly totally smarttkTOK!!) which I suppose would explain their ability to con the trout into the photo op.  Heh.

So.  the upshot of all this is, next weekend we are having a sleepover….Skosh, ‘neckers, Heather, Jon, Mina, Tad and Vlad.  it should be lively, oh help.

Guess I had better stock up on tomato juice.  and romas.  and cherry tomatoes.  and of course the requisite seeds, nectar, and bologna.  *sigh* redux.  I’ll get back to you if I make it through the next weekend in good health and sane.

Posted by Susan. For prints of the illustrations from the Skosh Chronicles visit Galerie Yggdrasil


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