American Meltdown….

The Hairy Tapestry lives on the left coast (unless you live in Canada and are looking south) we live near a twenty year old nuclear power plant built near not one but two earthquake faults. The license for the plant will expire in thirteen years which is why the utility company (Pacific Gas and Electric) is anxious to renew the license now, in fact they would like to have the whole process finished by September of this year. Hey,  don’t put off for say ten years what you can do today! And because they are in such a hurry  they don’t want to wait for the completion of a geological study using  3-d imaging technology that didn’t exist when the plant was approved for construction in 1968, twenty three years ago.  Imagine, geologists can produce a sort of 3-d cat scan and perhaps tell a lot more about the potential for and strength of an earthquake on  the two fault lines located close to a twin reactor power plant and twenty years worth of old radioactive nuclear fuel. Who wouldn’t want to know about that? Apparently Pacific Gas and Electric.

Let us pray while chanting the American Mantra.  Moving forward, who could have imagined? (repeat  1,000 times while watching CNN) and attain enlightenment, or is that irradiation?  Posted by Dennis

Dennis and Susan also hold forth at  Galerie Yggdrasil where they have stuff for sale.


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