Shopping spree……

What a great day!!

I was informed three days ago that there would be a calvinball match the next day and the boys would be watching it on the new flatscreen, and would require nourishment aplenty.  The morning of the match, I provided the usual suspects:  bologna, cheese, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes….flasks and tubs and bowls and vials of various and sundry liquids for the young gents.  After all, this was an important match between the Vamps and the Weres, and thus the babyvamps had a stake in the outcome.  Neil was excited since it would give him an excuse to crow nonstop with no one to yell at him about it.

The girls and I decided we would rather watch paint dry, so I bid them all adieu with a warning to Skosh that I realized there would be much excitement afoot, but if I saw one spot, even one tiny spot, of singe anywhere in the house, he would be grounded until he was 700, and I mean it, young man.

Since it was a lovely, sunny day, I took off for the hinterlands with my camera and a bottle of vitamin water, and the girls (oh BIG SURPRISE) decided to go shopping.

Mina had been telling Heather about this totally SICK shop she frequented, there was just anything a girl could want there, awesome, so that was their first destination.  after perusing the chains and leather goods and torn tee shirts and oversized, clanking Steampunk greatcoats, Mina decided to get a new tattoo from the artist in the back of the shop.  Heather was also just perishing for one, but since her skin is covered with feathers it might not be a viable plan.  She waited and chatted with Mina while she got her tattoo, a tiny ladylike cherry tomato on the left cheek of her dewy little butt, and then Mina had an idea: why didn’t Heather get a piercing???

Now, as I think I have mentioned , Heather was a shy and somewhat neglected little lady before she met Skosh and company, so having a friend, especially a cool friend like Mina, was heaven for her, and a piercing…well, hey, her mom wouldn’t notice anyhow and yeah, hey….wow, so in a matter of moments and with only a little alarmed cheeping, Heather had a brand new Peridot stud in her dainty beak.  She felt like a new woman!!

Now that they were all tuned up, what next?  Heather told Mina that she could really use some new fuzzy socks (hoping that Mina wouldn’t think that was uncool) but Mina was excited at the thought of soft furry feet (she may have had a little Were blood, but she sure as heck wasn’t gonna tell anyone about THAT)  so off they went to Birdbath and Beyond in search of the socks that Heather had seen there during the winter months.

They searched all over the personal area, as it is termed, for their socks, but no such luck, so Heather approached a young associate in the hopes that there were still some available somewhere in the store since there had been so many earlier in the year….but now, all the spring merchandise was out on the floor.  The young lady, Savannah by name, was very helpful and looked along with the girls but couldn’t locate the desired items so got on the horn and called for backroom assistance.

in a moment, a young gentleman came rolling up and Savannah asked him to go search for the socks.

“they’ll be in the personal products backstock, Matt” said she.  Matt took on a hunted look. “Personal products…ummm…thats chick stuff, right?  Ummm…” but off he went, determined to do his job, no matter how onerous.

Five  minutes passed, then ten, and finally Matt came back holding a small box between thumb and forefinger.  “These, ummm?”

Alas for Matt, those were the wrong socks, being the kind with lotion in them to soften those pesky heel calluses, and he was sent forth once again by Savannah to bring back the fuzzy ones.  on the top shelf.  On the left.  Poor Matt.

While he was on his second quest, the girls found that they had a great deal in common with Savannah…favorite bands, favorite tv shows, clothing (they all love to wear their blazers belted and omg BOOTS..) and made plans to meet at the closest panera the following week.  In a few moments Matt returned, flushed with success, his former fears of ‘chick stuff’ forgotten, with the very socks the girls wanted.

Ahhh….they were the stuff of which dreams are made.  Soft, comfy, high on the ankle so as not to let an errant cold draft in, and perfect for trotting about the house without shoes.

The girls got back to the house a little after I returned.  Attired in their new footwear, they proudly proffered a gift:  socks for me!  Ahhhhhh.

Our timing was perfect.  the match was over, the Vamps won by two points, and I had held back enough goodies for the girls to have a snack.  The rest of the day and evening was filled with happy chatter, a succession of dvds (with no squabbling about content) no scorch marks anywhere (good boyo, Skoshie) and best of all, oh frabjous day….warm, fuzzy socks.

Posted by Susan. For prints of the illustrations from the Skosh Chronicles visit Galerie Yggdrasil


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