The Emmys…….

I am the proud mother of a large, satiny, and alternately loving and quarrelsome calico cat named Emma.  My daughter is also a proud mother…she has a lovely, horribly spoiled little creme Dachshund, also called Emma.  The names are coincidental.

The canine Emma loves it when my daughter goes to her bed of an evening to read propped up on her pillows, since that gives Emmy license to drape herself becomingly around my daughter’s head and fall into a blissful coma.

Were she to try this tactic with the feline Emma, great bloody unspeakable horrors would ensue.  This drawing pictures the nanosecond before said hairy apocalypse. Posted by Susan, who has many drawings, prints and a music box for sale at

Galerie Yggdrasil  ps; Dennis has stuff for sale too.


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