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When is a print not a print?…….

July 20, 2011

I recently imagined that someday someone might ask me “Why should I buy one of your prints since they are digital and you can make them forever and each one looks like all the others and I want something unique”? As I said no one has ever asked  me that, but by god,  I want to be ready when they do.

I know that some analog print makers destroy or deface their plates, woodblocks, or stones and thereby create an edition that can’t be added to. I thought of doing something dramatic like removing the hard drive from my computer and smashing or burning it- I could even make a video and post it on youtube –  as a piece of performance art. Unfortunately, this idea has too many unintended consequences.

My solution is to take a print, Mask#65, and create a collage/painting mounted on a piece  of material made from ground wood scraps that local contractors call “head cheese” (don’t ask). The result is a piece I call Sunset Vines”

Posted by Dennis

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July 4, 2011

O.K. Plant stand then, or fern stand, a spindly, often fragile easily tipped over piece of furniture designed?, to display a plant. Designed to fall over, I say. I’ve repaired a number of these over the years,  they arrive in the shop each with a tale of woe. Broken, water stained, missing tiny ornamental bits and some of them so narrow and spindly as to fall over if you look at them. Mind, the iron stands are much more robust especially when firmly bolted to the floor, (amazing the insights one gains from living with seven cats and a dog).





Forthwith I present my contribution to this wretched tradition, the Standplant, containing both elements, stand and plant. Assembled as a fiendish complexity of random twists and turns so as to sorely try the patience of anyone unfortunate enough to ever try and repair it.

I look forward to being cursed through the ages (assuming the cockroaches don’t win.)

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