When is a print not a print?…….

I recently imagined that someday someone might ask me “Why should I buy one of your prints since they are digital and you can make them forever and each one looks like all the others and I want something unique”? As I said no one has ever asked  me that, but by god,  I want to be ready when they do.

I know that some analog print makers destroy or deface their plates, woodblocks, or stones and thereby create an edition that can’t be added to. I thought of doing something dramatic like removing the hard drive from my computer and smashing or burning it- I could even make a video and post it on youtube –  as a piece of performance art. Unfortunately, this idea has too many unintended consequences.

My solution is to take a print, Mask#65, and create a collage/painting mounted on a piece  of material made from ground wood scraps that local contractors call “head cheese” (don’t ask). The result is a piece I call Sunset Vines”

Posted by Dennis

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