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When is a print not a print? #2….

August 8, 2011

Bishop Oxymoron of the Church of the Faithful Clueless, reads from the book of the prophet Doug. “We no nuthin’ about nuthin’.

But we noes what we likes”

The Oxymoron started out as a print, but because I changed to a newer version of Photoshop which required a newer version of the OS (operating spell) that runs the computer, colors that appeared on the screen no longer appeared on the paper coming out of the printer. After much hair pulling, time, and finally money I sorted everything out, except for Oxymoron. So, I  promoted him to Bishop, gave him his own church, and  recycled him into a painting.

Posted by Dennis

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On display…….

August 2, 2011

I received a notice from the local association of Artists who paint Rocks Trees and Oceans, oh my !, (ARTO) that the time had come, as it does once a year, for those of us who create “non traditional” art to have the chance to exhibit our work.

So.  I decided in a fit of poor judgement to do a soft sculpture of Skosh to enter as my offering for the year. I planned to take extensive creative license with it, since Skosh, being a shape shifter, is in a more or less constant state of flux.

It was difficult at first to pin him down as he and his friends are generally involved in some teen excitement or other..mall stalking,  beach stalking,  lurking endlessly at the various produce aisles in the area (this for the vegan babyvamps) or closeted in Skosh’s room playing a series of many and varied extremely noisy computer games.  However, when I told him of my plan and begged his cooperation in posing for me for a few hours to get the basics down and promised on my honor that it wouldn’t take long, honestly , Skosh, just a few minutes…or maybe a little more…his vanity won out and he allowed me an hour of his valuable time in the studio.

The work went slowly but well and I ended up with a very satisfactory replica of his highness which I entered in the exhibit.  I refused to let the kids see it before it was in place at the gallery and so they were consumed with curiosity and were very anxious for the day of the show to arrive, nagging and wheedling to be allowed to come along and help me set up.  envisioning chaos, I refused but told them they could in fact go to the exhibit when it opened.  They had no choice but to capitulate, with much grumbling and mutterings of ‘unfair’ and ‘when we get older, she wont be able to mumble mumble fft-hiss.’

The day of the exhibit arrived and the kids were in a high state of excitement and when they saw the sculpture, the air was filled with hoots and catcalls and Skosh was quite overcome, to the point where he had difficulty controlling himself, big surprise.  He decided to relate the tale of how he came to live with me to any and all who would listen, and at one point attached himself to my leg and shifted into my left calf causing me to lurch unpleasantly into a large papier-mache rendering of a werehound, almost upsetting it and from there caroming daintily into something unrecognizable but heavy with spikes and tubing.  This was greeted with more howls of glee and Skosh quite lost any dignity he might have had and shifted again, this time into a small volcano.

We have spoken at length about breathing fire and blanketing the air with dense smoke but I suppose he thought if he were a volcano he could get way clean.  The babyvamps had managed to find the munchies table and were working their way through the stuffed cherry tomatoes, and Heather had lost interest in Skosh’s guerilla play as soon as she realized that there were edibles afoot and was hopping about under the table looking for the odd elusive gummi bear.  About the time the vamps discovered the wine,  it was politely suggested that we might want to make an early exit and, was there something I could possibly do about the smoke emanating from the painting of the..oh, dear..too late…?

It took about 15 minutes to round up my unruly charges and bundle them all into the car.  ‘Neckers and Neil had comported themselves with great aplomb and were feigning contempt for their ‘immature’ companions, while the vamps seemed to be dipping into their cloaks every so often and giggling uncontrollably.  Could they have…no.  not possible. please…no.

When we arrived home I confined Skosh to his room and wondered if I could ever show my face in town again. It was a complete rout….just the way I like it.  Heh – heh.  Thanks to Skosh, my reputation is made.  No p.r. is bad p.r.  Time for a nice calming glass of wine,  a cabernet should do nicely…now where…EMPTY?????    SKOSH!!  YOU ARE SO GROUNDED…..

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