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And now for something completely different………

November 21, 2011

This will fit on an 8.5X11 sheet. Feel free to copy it and share.

Posted by Dennis and Susan who say “Occupy something”


Concerning our recent absence, or, Photoshop does not play well with others.

November 9, 2011

*SIGH*. Last year I upgraded to a newer, but not the newest version of  Adobe Photoshop, and the problems began immediately.

First and most alarming, some few of Susan and my prints began producing colors that varied from what appeared on the monitor screen. There followed a long period of advice seeking, searching discussion threads, prayers, burnt offerings and incantations. Finally the problem was mostly resolved by a nifty device called Spyder3. Then I learned that deep in the Photoshop basement was a menu that allowed me to select differing profiles for the type of paper I was using in the printer, now, these buried settings are in addition to the paper selections I routinely make when producing a print, only why 2 different sets of instructions for paper ? End of problem? Not for long.

Part 2 A serpent appears…

A few days later….”Photoshop is unable to print due to a program error’ (translation, you can’t get there from here”). Back to the help discussion threads where battle was raging over the Albigensian heresy, the trinity, original sin, and how many angels….., you get the idea. The consensus was that yeah, “Photoshop does that a lot, who knows why? you’ve probably got something on there that conflicts with it”

Part 3 I succumb to a great idea….

Since upgrading to  the newer version of Photoshop I’d been planning to move to a more powerful computer. Photoshop  demands massive processing power for some of its functions (meaning the ones I use all the time), so I went looking for a newer more powerful Mac with a larger hard drive and lots of ram. I couldn’d just buy the latest Powermac pro because then I would have to buy an even newer version of Photoshop, as my current version won’t run on the newest machines. (this is called “Lack of backward compatibility”) . I found a Mac g5 with 1.8 ghz. dual processors, 4 GB of ram and a 1,000 GB  (1 terabyte) hard drive. This is a six year old super machine for less than $700.00! And I installed  Photoshop as the sole application running on the new computer. All would assuredly be well.

Part 4 Well not all…….

I love the new Mac. I can work without long breaks waiting for the squirrels to generate enough power to render whatever I’m doing, and I don’t have to listen to the annoying squeaking of their wheel.  Suddenly……. “Photoshop is unable to print due to a program error’ (sound of demented laughter in the background).  So. I’ve developed a workaround. I was using a Photoshop routine called Preview to get a final look  at my work before printing on the  expensive acid free super white paper I use. Photoshop preview uses an apple program also called Preview, and it seems that the 2 previews don’t like each other, (much the way that our Calico cat hates the Tortico member of The Hairy Tapestry). I put Apple Preview in the trash, and Photoshop decided to partner with Apple Quicktime to provide previews. Fingers and toes crossed. Ps. Just got an email from Photoshop; Beatings will continue until morale improves. The new painting ‘way back at the beginning  is called Cave painting #1, I imagined sending the Mac, the printer, and a generator back in time to Lascaux.  I’m off to make a burnt offering to Alan Turing for luck.  Posted by Dennis

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