Our Academic Advisor………

Professor Falada. Ink drawing on a photograph by Susan Owen

Please meet Dr. Nicolai Falada, M.D., Ph. D., and professor of ancient forensic science at a small middle-western university.  He has taught there for 40 years and is highly respected by his colleagues, who tend nonetheless to give him a wide berth.  Dr. Falada has never married, lives alone and does not socialize.  Thirty years ago a group of fraternity boys, having partaken of some form of demon alcohol, decided to help themselves to a tour of the good doctor’s home.

There was, of course, an in-depth investigation into the disappearance, but nothing much ever came of it and since the young men tended to be somewhat unpredictable, it was presumed that they had decided to pursue ventures other than college, and any interest  faded and was eventually forgotten.

The professor has always kept his basement locked but since the ‘invasion’, he has invested in an alarm as well.  One cannot be too careful.

The Skosh books are taking form, more news and pictures soon. Posted by Susan.


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