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August 9, 2012

Skosh, Skosh ,Skosh…….


grbnyzdaenerysfzt? um. erumum mom? wha….

You promised that you would do a post for the blog yourself last week and I have barely seen you except at meals.  Now….where is the post?  What on earth have you been….SKOSH!  WAKE….oy.

We all decided some time back that it would be fun to make up a ledger, or a book, or something that chronicled the things that the group of youths that congregate at my home do, so that people could read it and enjoy the kids’ exploits as much as we all did.  At least most of the time.  There was that cloudy afternoon that I had to spend hours cleaning Jif Super Chunky and Nyquil off the ceiling of the kitchen, but times like that were rare.  Mostly.

I had hoped that I could talk Skosh into doing the blog himself but so far I have had nothing but frustration in this endeavour so I guess I  am going to have to gh[89[8**LMF  all right, Skosh, you may have the laptop.  A little less abruptly, if you please.

WH…FT..she never tells the troof.  I did the blog like a hundred timeztokTOK but the dog ated it. Well yeah but Mom…but…okay, SOMEBODYZ dog ated it.  Anyhow what the dealz are are, umerer, we did aTOK lot of stuff all of us didz, and we well okay not us but

What do you mean start over, Mom?  Anyhow we are making this booktokwhsssh.  Or Mom did.  Is.  Me and Heathie and Neck and Mina and Jon and Tad andVladtoktkk we did a bunch of coooool stuuuuuf and Mom and me decided to writez about it.  Or Mom didz. Is.

AAAAAAAnyhow, okay okay Mom, the bookz are done and they are WAY WAY WAY COOL  and so are the pitchersez Mom took.  Drawed.  Whatev.   OKAY MOM, OKAY!!

Straight up, the bookz are ready for all our FANZ WOO hoo to buy from Mom.  They are $60 each with $5 shipping and Mom thinks she is cool YES YOU DO TOO uh oh I yeld sorry Mom i’ll sweep them up when they cool down.

You bet you will, you  undisciplined scalemeister, you.

OKAY OKAY MOM oooopsheh.  Sorry.  Again.  More clinkers heh.
I’ll do it myself, I knew I would have to, he does tend to get a little’s the shapeshifter of it.  One never know who, or what, one is going to be next, do one?  The books are all being made by hand and printed on acid free paper. They cost $60 each with $5 shipping, as Skosh says.  If you would like to have one, we will accept checks and money orders sent directly to us and you can contact us at and we will get right back to you with mailing info.  Each book will be signed, and if you so desire I will be happy to autograph it to whomever you choose.  Every print in the book will also be signed and numbered in case some Philistine or another wants to take the book apart and mat the prints.  If you would rather pay with a credit card, or paypal we will put one on Etsy with your name on it  you can buy  through  Galerie Yggdrasil , our Etsy store.  The books are, indeed, pretty way way cool.

Heather just came in with Mina and they say BTDubs, everyone totally NEEDS this book for reals, and there will be a new book beginning to be written next month and the blog posts will begin then as well since it is time to take Skosh to the Monterey Aquarium for his birthday and all the Krewe is going.  Should be a real….rout.

Oh, help.  A martini and a nap? Two very large olives.  Ahh, if only.  – Posted by Susan.