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Demon Lover…….

October 24, 2012

“Demon Lover” takes its title from a short story by Shirley Jackson that I read many years ago and which had drifted to the dusty unused nether realms of my mind, until I saw this pomegranate and divined its true nature.  I lust after pomegranates and wait like a spider for the eruption of this lovely fruit every October, and the two in this photo were part of my last year’s hoard.  When I broke open the first one I saw something forbidden in it…..gleaming teeth, fresh blood, a fierce and fiendish threat….all the things I hold so dear.

I had to have it forever to bring back the glee I felt at its appearance, so I photographed it and after the photo was printed, it looked even better (worse…whatev…..).  In any case, every pomegranate I have had since that one has been a mere innocent and loving fruit, but I now treat poms with the utmost respect and tender care.

I have been warned.  We have all been warned.

Posted by  ” (I warned you!)” Susan.

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Open Studio

October 17, 2012

We are currently in the midst of the  San Luis Obispo  Arts Council Open Studios tour

For you non-Californians, the County of San Luis Obispo is named for Saint Louis of Toulouse

Here are some pictures taken before people started arriving.

The path to our door.

Sredini Vashtar, our  resident critic and official greeter, meditates on the mysteries of  Ceiling Cat

And of course Skosh is here, touting his new book

Come and visit us if you can!

Posted by Dennis.