Demon Lover…….

“Demon Lover” takes its title from a short story by Shirley Jackson that I read many years ago and which had drifted to the dusty unused nether realms of my mind, until I saw this pomegranate and divined its true nature.  I lust after pomegranates and wait like a spider for the eruption of this lovely fruit every October, and the two in this photo were part of my last year’s hoard.  When I broke open the first one I saw something forbidden in it…..gleaming teeth, fresh blood, a fierce and fiendish threat….all the things I hold so dear.

I had to have it forever to bring back the glee I felt at its appearance, so I photographed it and after the photo was printed, it looked even better (worse…whatev…..).  In any case, every pomegranate I have had since that one has been a mere innocent and loving fruit, but I now treat poms with the utmost respect and tender care.

I have been warned.  We have all been warned.

Posted by  ” (I warned you!)” Susan.

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