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Ms Mina & The Cat Pack

May 25, 2013

Dennis and I know we are suckers. I, particularly, was afflicted with a sign grafted to my back from birth that says “I can be had if you have fur and act as if you are homeless and hungry”. We know this, intellectually, but we have never gotten past becoming emotional prune whip when faced with a cat or kitten in distress.

Sensitive plant, can't believe he landed in a weed patch

Sensitive plant, can’t believe he landed in a weed patch

We lost our beloved Leonardo on the afternoon of March 3rd. On the 4th we received a call from a neighbor asking us if we knew anyone who would take 8 cats who had been abandoned by their owner who had been evicted from her home and left them all. Needless to say, we went to the house with a bag of cat food to see if we could at least leave some food and water for them until animal services could find homes for them. We couldn’t see any cats when we got there, except a young Siamese lady who asked politely if perhaps we might not have a little bite of something that would otherwise go to waste, and my goodness, is that a cat carrier you have there? Why, how thoughtful, don’t mind if I do.

Thus we came to add Wilhelmina Shadowcat Trumpetlungs to our hearth and home, and unbeknownst to us, she had a gift of her own which she presented to us on April 3rd….four beautiful kittens. Three of them were black with small white horned moons on their tummies, and one was strangely like, well, Leonardo. Not quite as austere and above the fray, as Dito was, but there he was in this kitten’s clear blue eyes, eyes aware and intelligent even when he first opened them, eyes that said, as Leonardo’s eyes had said , “Obey me.”
Fam pic web

It has been a trifle, ummm….urgent at times, trying to juggle Mina, kittens, and the family we already had, one of whom hisses at everyone anyway so who cares, and Dexter, who is sorely wounded and has managed to purr and growl at the same time, rather like a Tibetan throat singer. It hasn’t been easy, but we shall work it out, and then perhaps once everyone is on speaking terms (I hope growling can be construed as speaking in some circles) we can have a birthday party for the kittens…..and, of course, a reincarnation party for Leonardo, whom I know in my little black heart orchestrated this whole circus. It’s his style for certain, sitting back calmly and watching me stagger through juggling cat food plates and enduring sleepless nights full of outraged yowlings. Thank you, Dito, I love you.
Can’t say I miss you, since you’re still here.- Susan.

Ps; The miniature bureau. I was photographing it to make a reference picture for Susan to use in designing sculpture for our newest collaboration: The Bureau of Fear. As you can see it’s impossible to take a picture in our house without a kitten in the shot. D-2 web We’re calling The first young man Dtwo for now but he could decide otherwise as he seems to be developing a spotted coat. Dweezil webThe other youngster
answers to Dweezil, Frank Zappa’s son and the voice of Ajax in the Duckman series.
You can tell from their pictures that Dtwo is firmly on this side of the portal, but Dweezil is clearly between worlds.-Dennis

Pps; There’s a new Skosh tale coming soon.

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