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Good Taste…..

November 29, 2012

Charlie Tuna was a spokesfish for Starkist in the 1960’s. Wearing a beret, shades, and living in an underwater pad, his all- encompassing desire was to be selected by Starkist for consumption, but it never happened. Starkist wanted tuna that tasted good, not a fish with good taste. IMPORTANT CULTURAL LESSON. If you want to fit in, taste good (and be eaten by your culture) don’t stand out or have good taste (taste funny) Inedible cultural units become left overs, and sit in the back of the ‘fridge until they’re fed to the dog. Charlie finally decided to travel forward in time to see what the future held, unfortunately, the time machine traveled through a parallel universe  consisting of Velveeta  processed cheese food, resulting in the well known phenomenon, TUNA MELT.

Posted by Dennis, who has impeccable taste and is therefore inedible—hey, ask anyone!

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